postheadericon Welcome to Oregon Commandery No. 1

The Commander and his Staff welcome you to the Oregon Commandery One Knights Templar of Oregon, USA. Our Commandery is located in Portland, Oregon and was Chartered by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America on the Seventh of September 1877. Oregon #1 in Portland, Ivanhoe  #2 in Eugene, and Temple #3 in Albany (Corvallis), constituted the Grand Commandery of Oregon.

Although Oregon Commandery One is an old and venerable institution built by the Pioneers of Oregon, it is also an institution that offers many simple pleasures missing from the lives of many good Christian gentlemen. Simple pleasures such as the opportunity to discuss the history of the Order of Knights Templar; the opportunity to enjoy a simple meal and break bread with your fellow Sir Knights of Christ; the opportunity to contribute to the relief of  poor and naked orphans living in distress on our streets today; and, the opportunity to “draw – swords” and engage in a little swordplay among friends.

Recently, the Knights Templar and the Masons have been featured in the blockbuster movie “National Treasure.” While we cannot confirm or deny that a hidden treasure of great value awaits the man who travels the pilgrim’s path to our Commandery. We can say, that although the movie places the treasure in the East, it is more likely that, if the treasure does indeed exist,  it would have been carried with the Pioneers who settled in the West and  the treasure deposited there – silently awaiting recovery. We cannot guarantee that anyone will find treasure. And, we cannot guarantee that anyone will successfully traverse the Pilgrim’s Path. For the path is long and fraught with obstacles, and “not all treasure is silver and gold.” But for the man who has heard the call and believes in his ability to overcome the obstacles that await him, his journey to our Asylum will likely be swift and rewarding.

While none can say what ignites a man’s desire to join a Christian Order of Knighthood, such as the Knights Templar. We can offer a few probing questions. Have you ever considered living according to the teachings contained in the Bible?  Do you enjoy the swashbuckling swordplay in  movies and books such as, the Three Musketeers, King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars? Are you related to a gentleman who was once a member of our Order, did you find or inherit his old Knight Templar sword? Although the answers to these questions may not be found in our Commandery, we can offer you tools that you can use to fashion your own answers and achieve your own sword. Because, after all, we do provide some good swashbuckling swordplay with the clashing of swords.

Thank you for visiting our website today. Although the site in not complete as of the writing of this message, we felt it best to get started with a short message. Perhaps it is time for you to consider taking the first step too? The Sir Knights of Oregon Commandery One, await your inquiry. We would be honored to help you along the path.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you now and forever.

All For One,

The Sir Knights of Oregon Commandery One